The application of the site included


1.Retroaction, erotica, gambling, other undesirable content and the website included the content which disobey to our relevant state policies is forbidden to embody.
2. Virus, cockhorse, popping plug, change someone else's website malignantly and bomb window advertising is forbidden to embody.
3. If your website is under construction and the theme is not clearly, please do not apply the embody application, since the website is not according to the content is forbidden to embody.
4. When you apply the site, please make sure that whether it is suitable, since our site do not embody the same type website which is universal, such as "music online".
5. The website which is not the first top domain, the content is false or just owns the only page is forbidden to embody to our website.
6. We do not embody the website which is not unavailable under normal situation.
7. We will give priority to the non-public site and the content is really unique.
We will embody your website once you have added our "Tungsten Directory" pictures or words links.
We will review your website which have embodied in our website from time to time, and will delete the non-conforming site (include deceive site).

Code style Copy the following code to the specified location
Tungsten Directory
Describe the form below information is not specific(TAG Label,Description,Name),Accept not included whatsoever!

*According to the actual content of the website, select the correct classification

*Please fill in the official name of the site shall not be more than 30 characters.

*Format is:, without the http://”.

*Label Not be more than 20 characters, More tags use“,”Separate. For example: travel, hotel, airfare, vacation


*The site owners

*Format is:

(Optional, recommended to fill)

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